Union of Intelligible Associations (Complementary initiatives and historical context)
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Union of Intelligible Associations


Associates of the Union of Intelligible Associations


As the focal project of the collaborative strategic initiative of the Union of International Associations and Mankind 2000, the following people may be appropriately recognized as associates of the Union of Intelligible Associations -- having worked on the various editions of the Encylopedia of World Problems and Human Potential in different capacities and for different periods of time [see PDF acknowledgement pages].
[editing: p(roblems), s(strategies), h(uman dev.), v(alues);
bibliography b; graphics g; computer c; cd-rom cd; general *]
Names 1972-1976 1983-1986 1988-1990 1992-1995 1997-2000
Marie Aeles     b b  
Louisette Amand *        
George Aseniero   *      
R'himau Benali   *      
Susan Berigan       ps  
John Burbidge   *      
Jim Burns *        
James Campbell   *      
Nancy Carfrae   v cp cps  
Tim Casswell   *g g g  
Choi Yee Ah *        
Christopher Crickmay *        
John Curran   c      
Wolfgang Dahlberg   g      
Solange De Smedt *        
Anne Degimbe     *    
Kristof Elst     *    
Carine Faveere     * *  
Lois Ferstenberg *        
Joel Fischer       * *
Tomáš J. Fülöpp         cps
Elizabeth Gale   c c c  
Beverly Gazarian   *      
Gloria Gilbert   *      
Tatjana Globokar   *      
Maria Teresa Gonzalez Trull   *      
Martine Gosse * * * *  
Bernard Godisiabois g        
Cynthia Grover         ps
Michel Guillaume   c      
Charles Hahn   *      
Allan Howard         ps
Peter Hunot *        
Judy Jacobs *        
Jon Jenkins   * p    
Maureen Jenkins   * *    
Annette Østergard Jensen   *      
Geraldine Johnson   p      
Alexander Judge       *  
Anthony Judge * * * * *
Bernhard Knutsen   c c    
Philip Lowe *        
Colin Mainoo     c c  
Nadia McLaren       ps ps
Paul Montgomery   c c c  
Virginia Morris   p      
Jacqueline Nebel   h h h  
James Oberg   *      
Susan Oberg   *      
Agnès Onfroy   *      
Dipak Patel   c      
Prabha Parbhu *        
Ingrid Percival *        
Charlene Powell   *      
Noël Quiévy *        
Martine Radoux   *      
Mady Renson * *      
Martin Richards   c      
Phillip Riley   *      
Tarja Ryynänen     p    
Richard Seacord   c      
Helen Staniforth   *      
Rosemary Staniforth   * *    
Anna Stanley   *      
Guy Streatfeild *        
Christian Sylvestre       cd  
Susan Traill p        
Eyvind Tew *        
Cécile Vanden Bloock     * *  
Owen Victor   p      
Carol Waldron r        
Lyn Wisman   *      
Linda Wood   c      
Elaine Woods *        
Stewart Woung     c c  
Maria-Tersa Vrijicak *        

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