Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations



within the framework of the Union of International Associations


A schematic overview of some of the following information is provided in the Projects Overview, which also provides access to extensive commentaries on individual projects

Encyclopedia project initiated in collaboration with Mankind 2000 [see also Encyclopedia project page and succinct overview in Wikipedia]

Articulation and implementation of web strategy and the dissemination of hyperlinked database information:

Systematic solicitation of institutional project funding (typically as lead agency in partnership with other bodies), notably the European Commission and the World Bank, primarily on the initiative of Nadia McLaren (with a minimum of formal support or understanding), to develop the online potential of databases, notably leading to the free online dissemination of the Encyclopedia databases from 1997:

The limited response by funding institutions to these substantive proposals by viable coalitions, in comparison with the investment in preparing them, is a strong indication of the problematic nature of the assumptions regarding the utility and viability of knowledge management as exemplified by a Union of Intelligible Associations.

Cessation of the Union of Intelligible Associations as a strategic initiative