Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations


Intent of the Union of Intelligible Associations


As articulated in the introduction to the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential
(anticipating subsequent online initiatives)

Contextual Concerns
Pseudo-objectivity of analyses of problems
Withholding of relevant information
Issue avoidance
Misrepresentation of information
Biased expertise
Violation of commitments

Loss of integrity
Loss of credibility
Disparagement of complementary initiatives
Dubious standards of proof
Policy vacuum
Existential Challenge
Proliferation of explanations and injunctions
Simplistic responses
Paradigmatic entrapment
Failure to act on knowledge
Unchallenged self-image
Unchallenged relationship to the environment
Need for a different mode of thought
Existential sacrifice
Change vs pseudo-change
Distorted value of life
Value sacrifice
Personal transformation
Existential discipline
Transformation of perspective
Unacknowledged circumstances
Strategic Assumptions
Maintenance orientation
Solution production
Questionable truths
Gladiatorial arena
Irrelevance of alternatives
Projection of blame
Assumption of innocence
Reinforcement of fragmentation
Narrow information base
Single-focus dependence
Initiative obsolescence
Disagreement phobia
Self-reflective paradox
Embodiment of discord
Organizational context Core concerns
  1. Clarification of "fuzzy" domains
  2. Recognition of "vectors of concern"
  3. Bridging between incommensurable domains
  4. Anchoring transient insights
  5. Transformation enablement
  1. Collection and presentation of information (Metaphor: star mapping)
  2. Clarification of conceptual challenge (Metaphor: electricity generation)
  3. Enablement of paradigm alternation (Metaphor: fusion reactor)
Antiquated concepts and attitudes
Inadequacy of fractional approaches
Crisis of crises
Interwoven networks
Mismatch between organizations and problems
Entrapment by problems
Arrogance of the disciplines
Helplessness in the face of complexity
Dependence on information
Information overload
Category obsolescence
Evocation of fragmentation
Challenge of synthesis
Integration of elements of thought
Facilitation of new forms of knowledge
Need for unified personalities
Mental defences
Fostering self-knowledge
Concealed neurotic processes
New vision of selfhood
Distinguishing Uses of the Encyclopedia
Empirical level (as a conventional directory)
Logical context level
Functional context level
Classification level
Alternative perspective level
Complementarity level
Mapping level
Self-constraining configuration level
Transformational level
Metaphoric level
Uses of the Encyclopedia
Commercial enterprises and entrepreneurs
Integrative studies
Policy development
Management sciences
Foresight and futures research
Law and treaty preparation
International organizations
Information sciences
Expert systems
Values and ethics research
International relations
Challenge to creativity
Foundations and funding agencies
Human development programme design
Imaginative responses to intractable problems
Interactive Access and Future Developments
Further research possibilities
New kinds of information
Interactive relationship with information providers/users
Quality of information
Capturing the dynamic
Display possibilities
Section Interrelationships
Relationship of world problems with...
  1. International organizations
  2. Human values and wisdom
  3. Human development
  4. Integrative knowledge
Relationship of human development with....
  1. Human values and wisdom
  2. International organizations
  3. Integrative knowledge
Interweaving world problems, human development and human values
  1. Negative commonality
  2. Positive commonality
  3. Basic incommensurability
  4. Juxtaposition of incommensurables
Comprehension of Sustainable Integration
Integrative concepts
Computer graphics