Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

Self-financing Capacity

within a strategic reframing of the Union of International Associations (2005)

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Self-financing capacity

It is useful to recognize that UIA funding is unlike that of many other NGOs and IGOs. It is not dependent annually on funds from its Full Members or their capacity to facilitate access to funding. Unlike many NGOs, the UIA is also not dependent, for the long-term continuity of its activities, on ability to obtain funding or subventions from irregular and unpredictable sources.

Income generation

The prime source of income is the sale of information products (notably its refrence books and their electronic variants) and services (notably extracts from its databases).

Minimal subsidies / sponsorship

The international, interdisdiciplanary focus of the UIA's comprehensive data collection does not usually fit within the specialized priorities of funding institutions and foundations. Consequently the UIA does not actively seek funding from such sources, although it has occasionally benefitted from such funds.

Project contracts

The UIA has undertaken projects for the US National Science Foundation, for the Commonwealth Science Council, for UNESCO, for UNITAR, and for the European Commission.


In responding to contract opportunities, notably with the European Commission and the world Bank, the UIA has successfully partnered with international NGOs based in Western and Eastern Europe, and in Asia.

Commercial associates

The UIA has partnered since the 1980s with K G Saur Verlag (Munchen) as one of the principal publishers of international reference books to libraries. through its Associate membership, it has a long association with for-profit bodies providing meeting services.