Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

Paradoxical Viability

within a strategic reframing of the Union of International Associations (2005)

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Paradoxical viability

In a world much-challenged by resource constraints, in which there are multiple, urgent demands to respond to specific issues, the viability of the comprehensive scope of UIA activity is a paradox to many.

Improbable range of initiatives

Many other bodies focus on specific aspects of the range of initiatives of concern to the UIA, using more extensive resources to greater effect. Few venture to interrelate these initiatives to highlight the challenges and opportunities of governance.

Minimal institutional support

Largely because of the range of its long-term preoccupations, and its international focus, the UIA initiatives are not well-profiled for funding from institutions with conventionally specific, short-term program priorities.

Minimal operating budget

The UIA has successfully operated on subsistence budgets that have nevertheless enabled it to provide information services consistent with its objectives and scope -- exploring possibilities where others have not cared to venture.

Difficult-to-explain coherence

In endeavouring to track the complexity of organized response to the challenges of society, the range of UIA initiatives necessarily takes on this quality of complexity. This makes the "miracle" of the coherence of the enterprise difficult to explain. Beyond formal statements, however, the integrity of the operation is sustained through computer-enhanced information systems and the insight with which they are developed and rendered accessible.


In increasingly uncertain times, the UIA initiative is necessarily itself challenged by uncertainty and the most appropriate ways in which to use its limited resources to sustain its viability and relevance.