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Production Capacity

within a strategic reframing of the Union of International Associations (2005)

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Production capacity

The UIA has an international reputation for producing registry products of high quality on a regular basis, over decades, within the very tight production schedules required for low-cost reference book and CD production in partnership with for-profit enterprises. These capacities have been seamlessly integrated with the interactive services associated with the web dissemination of this registry data since 1996

Profiling: 5,000 pages / year

For its printed reference books, the UIA produces some 5,000 pages / year, in addition to information made available on CD-Rom or ovr the web.

Computer generated network maps



Project proposals have included:: · CiviLynx: Gateway to Civil Society Organization Information: Proposal to DG Information Society for a Demonstration Project (2004) · Global Knowledge Grid: A New Infrastructure for Understanding Globalization (submitted to the US National Science Foundation, 2004) · Local Action Dynamics: Knowledge patterns for local, participatory implementation of the Lisbon Strategy (2003) · Ecolynx: Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation An INFO2000 Project of the European Commission. As a major extension of existing UIA work on problems and strategies, the objective was to link data on threatened species and habitats with information about responses by society to threats to biodiversity. 1997 - 2000. · Cultivating Knowledge Ecosystems: Adapting visual arts and music to sustain new patterns of knowledge work in community (Gardening Knowledge): Submitted to Information Society Technologies program of the European Commission13 September 1999; refused 19 April 2000) · Interactive Conceptual Environmental Planning Tool for Developing Countries (INTERCEPT): Approved for funding through the World Bank's InfoDev program (submitted 25 March 1998; approved 2 June 1999; removed from proposal pool March 2000). · Facilitating Community through Information: A suite of software-enabled participation tools (Proposal submitted in 1996 in response to Intelligent - Information - Interfaces to European Commission DG XII)