Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

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within a strategic reframing of the Union of International Associations (2005)

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Reference information

The UIA has considerable experience with regard to the management of sensitive registries and the development of associated services in a techno-centric environment. It has demonstrated unique expertise in reconciling the capacity to sustain an information-focused relation with a large number of registered entities with the evolving range of technologies, despite the often problematic political, social and economic environment within which this needs to be done.

Interactive data collection

Of great importance in taking on the management role of such a critical resource is the awareness, as a result of decades of experience, of UIA relative to the management and strategic issues in striking a balance between rapidly evolving technological opportunities and the legitimate sensitivity of many organizations to being over-questioned, over-exposed, and the target of increasingly quantities of unsolicited communications and harassment - as a result of listing in a registry, however carefully it is designed for their benefit. Currently any user in the organization community can respond interactively to the profiles in the various databases
Sources: The prime sources of information are the international networks of governmental and civil society bodies profiled in the organizations database -- notably through the documents they produce, especially on the web. The information is selectively restructured to reflect the insights of constituencies with very different concerns, rather than being reconciled with an imposed conceptual scheme. Special effort is made to reflect both claims and counter-claims with respect to particular problems or strategies in order to capture the dynamics between concerned parties and to facilitate dialogue between different perspectives.
Strategies have been developed to respond more effectively to the ever-increasing amount of information and its availability on the web although this is a major challenge in the case of meeting information.

Comprehensive data sets

The many data sets developed and maintained by the UIA tend to have a comprehensive scope. The majority have had, since 1986, a common field structure and are maintained, under parameter control, through the same interface and routines.

Registry function

The UIA has specialized for nearly a century in registering a variety of entities of international significance, according to opportunity and within the constraints of circumstances and resources. In addition to recognition of this function by intergovernmental organizations, the UIA partnered in a bid to manage the registry function of the .ORG web domain. In relation to its registration and profiling activities, the UIA is obliged to engage in a variety of authentication processes according to criteria that it has established in the light of experience and in consultation with various bodies over the years.

Referral services

The UIA presentation of data embodies a commitment to referral the source organization, or alternative sources, rather than any restriction of the user to UIA facilities.