Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

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Human Development Project (Explanations)

Entry Content and Organization

Human Development Project

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Ordering of entries

Entries in the hardcopy version are in numeric order. Entry numbers have been allocated randomly; they have no significance other than as a permanent point of reference to facilitate indexing, cross-referencing, and updating between editions.

Index access to entries

The location of an entry in this sub-section may be determined from:

- the Volume Index (Section X) on the basis of keywords in the name of the entry or its alternate names

- the cross-references from human values (see Section V)

Structure of entries

Entries may be composed of the following descriptive elements:

Bibliographical references

Entries may be followed by some bibliographical references. Further bibliographical details to the publications cited are given, by author, in the section bibliography (Section HY)

Cross-referencing of entries

At the end of any entry, there may be cross-references to other entries. These indicate the number and name of the cross- referenced entry, whether within this Section or in other Sections. There are 5 possible types of cross-references: