Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

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Entry Content and Organization

World Problems Project

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Ordering of entries

Entry numbers have been allocated randomly; they have no significance other than as a permanent point of reference to facilitate indexing, cross-referencing, and updating between editions.  Entries in the book version are in numeric order.

Index access to entries

In the book, the location of an entry in this sub-section may be determined from the Volume Index (Section PX) on the basis of keywords in the name of the entry or its alternate titles.

Structure of entries

Entries may be composed of the following descriptive elements:

Cross-referencing of entries

At the end of any entry, there may be cross-references to other entries. These indicate the number and name of the cross- referenced entry, whether within this Section or in other Sections.

There are 3 types of hierarchical cross-references between problems in the database:

There are 4 types of functional cross-references between problems: There are also cross-references to other databases: