Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

Projects Overview (Explanations)

Global Strategies Project

Explanatory Comments

0. Overview / Summary

1. Statistics

2. Introduction 3. Method 4. Patterning strategies 5. Strategic ecosystem 6. Governance 7. Strategic denial

8. Post-crisis opportunities

9. Collective strategy-making: designing a strategic array

10. Strategic appropriateness

11. Embodying discontinuity 12. Epistemological challenges 13. Embracing difference 14. Comprehension 15. Pattern learning 16. Patterns of alternation 17. Action implications
18. Tables and typologies of strategies (tentative)

Bibliographical references identified in abridged form in any Notes refer to publications detailed, by author, in Section SY of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential, which is the bibliography for Section S.

Notes 10 to 17 previously appeared as Section KD in the 1991 edition of the Encyclopedia (Volume 2). Bibliographical references therein are to Section KY in the current edition (Volume 2).

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