Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

Projects Overview (Explanations)
Transformative Approaches Project (Explanations)
Figure 2: Conceptual processes in editing world problem relationships
1.a Detecting/Finding/Scanning

-- recognized relationships

1.b Eliminating/Rejecting/Filtering

-- misconceived relationships

-- too vague, too specific

2.a Forming hierarchy

-- tidying up

2.b Distinguishing hierarchies

-- splitting off branches

3.a Shifting level to more general relationships 3.b Shifting level to more specific relationships
4.a Inserting implicit relationships 4.b Eliminating erroneous relationships
5.a Responding to necessity of ordering clusters

-- appropriate cut-off points

-- adjusting from minimal to optimal ordering

5.b Avoiding excessive imposition of simplistic ordering
6.a Cross-referencing responsible organizations 6.b Cross-referencing bibliographic sources

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