Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

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Transformative Approaches Project


The suggestion has been made that the representation of the relationship between theoretical entities (concepts, organizations, problems, etc) could best be accomplished using methods based on graph theory, network theory and topology. The relationships registered in this project could be plotted manually as networks. However, particularly since the relationships are already coded on computer tape in a suitable format, there are three major disadvantages to this manual approach:

These three difficulties can be overcome by making use of what is known as "interactive graphics". This is basically a television-type screen attached to a computer. The user sits at a keyboard in front of the screen and has at his disposal a "mouse" or light-pen (or some equivalent device) which allows him to point to elements of the network of concepts displayed on the screen and instruct the computer to manipulate them in useful ways. In other words the user can interact with the representation of the conceptual network using the full power of the computer to take care of the drudgery of:

In effect the graphics device provides the user with a window or viewport onto the network of concepts. He can instruct the computer, via the keyboard, to:

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