Union of Intelligible Associations
Union of Intelligible Associations

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within a strategic reframing of the Union of International Associations (2005)

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Yearbook of International Organizations: Guide to global civil society networks
The Yearbook is available as a 5 volume printed set, on CD-ROM, and on-line. The CD-ROM and on-line versions include all 5 volumes as well as Who’s Who in International Organizations. The CD-ROM and on-line versions of the Yearbook of International Organizations include Who’s Who. For further information please refer to http://www.uia.org/.

Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential
The Encyclopedia is available as a 3 volume printed set or on CD-ROM. For current developments please refer to http://www.uia.org/.
The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive source of information on 13,000 world problems that have been recognized, on their 120,000 relationships, and on the human resources available to challenge them. Detailed sections draw attention to a variety of alternative insights into the ways in which human development and the world problematique mutually inhibit, enable, and provoke each other.

International Congress Calendar
The quarterly Calendar is available on-line or as a pdf file. It is a convenient reference work for anyone seeking information on international events. Each volume includes a geographical section, a chronological section and a subject / organizations index. The information on events is derived from primary sources, i.e. the organizations themselves.

Transnational Associations / Associations transnationales
Transnational Associations is a unique quarterly journal whose aim is to deal with major current problems from the perspective of international non-governmental organizations seen as the central pillar of “global civil society”. It provides a forum for authoritative information, independent reflection and debate on the increasing role played by these organizations in the international system, and on the philosophical, political, economic or cultural implications of this role.

Historical International Organization Documents